Unconditional Love

Unconditionally, what meaning does that word hold for you? If we apply that word to love, is it something that can touch your heart? To love unconditionally, without boundaries or limitations, is something every human on earth I believe has endeavored to find. Unconditional love has no conditions of merit or standard but merely is and forever real and holding. It burns within the kingdom of God that resides within us and sees no mistakes but sees only grace and unending love. It wraps around us as angels wings and holds us in the storms of raging chaos no matter what we have done or what circumstance we are walking in
Unconditional love has no judgments or condemnation, but knows only that love is the key to the doorway of all our destinies. Many will say that unconditional love is simply a word that cannot hold true, but I beg to differ. Unconditional love can indeed only come when we lay down our words of criticism or accusations, but it is real. You may see someone that in your eyes may walk in sin, yet understand this before you jump to conclusion. In each of our spiritual walks, the spirit walks us down many paths in order to teach us our course of study. Don’t criticize or accuse any soul, for they may be exactly where they are intended to be and your words of good intention may hinder the very plan of God.
Unconditional love must offer choice and free will. In offering this, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made and expected. The spirit knows we will probably fail as many times or more than we have victory, but this is the course of our salvation we walk. How dare any soul condemn another while not yet attaining perfection themselves. We all must learn, and to learn we must experience. Even in the darkest of our times, when emptiness and loneliness fill us with a sense of hopelessness, it is then that we learn and experience emotions and spirituality that will mold us into an awakened soul.
For a faith where its Savior taught not to judge, it seems the church or at least the people within it, have fingers ready to point and words that are ready to ready to cut. There is a difference between using truth to sharpen a friend’s sword than it is to cut down a man simply because he has yet to attain the same robe of righteousness that you currently wear. Judge not for the man or woman you now judge may soon wear the very crown on your head instead of you.
Unconditional love whether it be for woman or a man or a brother or sister. Apply these words with gentle direction in love and watch the storms of their lives begin to settle. Offer a hand of love and gentleness and simply leave the rest to the spirit. Do you not know that we entertain angels unaware? There is a work going on around us all and we need each other for the things that are to come will break even the strongest of hearts. Trust in the Divine and understand that love was not meant to have restrictions or limits, but true love is boundless and is available to all that understand it. Never give up, for we are all merely learning to love. Love each other and you shall rise up a people of the spirit of God.

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